Service Dog
In the first 20 months (of owning a dog from Mountain High Service Dogs), I have documentation of three separate accounts where the dog has saved my life. The care and kindness of MHSD is exemplary, and I could not have been teamed with a better dog. Julianna (also known as Jewels) is the love of my life. She is not perfect, and she acts like a two year old at times; she is a dog after all. However, when it comes to me and my health issues, she is always on target. MHSD taught me these and many other important lessons regarding dogs in order for me to be the best friend and caregiver my Jewels could ever have.
~Yvonell Brazell-Bolton
New York State
Do you rescue dogs and use them in your program?
Yes, we are currently working with several rescues in our effort to better serve our animals who will be trained to better serve you.
Will you help someone train a dog that they already have?
Yes, we will help train your dog. One of our trainers will meet the dog and perform a temperament test. If your dog passes, then we will help the owner train his or her own dog.
Licensed with the Colorado Department of Agriculture
Accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs