About Mountain High Service Dogs

Our Mission
Mountain High Service Dog’s mission is to support, foster, and train service dogs so that they successfully bond with their handler, creating a life enhancing relationship between the two through our time-tested training methodologies.

Colorado Springs

Based in Colorado Springs, Candy Muscari started Mountain High Service Dogs (MHSD) based on her passion and background in service dog training. Since 2007, MHSD has set the standard for service dog training in the Rocky Mountain region.

Bond-based Choice Training

Through the proven method of Bond-Based Choice Teaching, MHSD teaches dogs and handlers how to harmonize with one another.

Personalized Service Dog Training

MHSD’s reach has touched the lives of countless dogs and handlers across the world. Dogs and handlers who work with MHSD embark on a journey to improve quality of life for one-another through our time-tested methodologies.

Mountain High Service Dogs is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

If you’re interested in acquiring a Service Dog, Fostering a Dog that will be trained to be a Service Dog, or making a Donation for the Training of a Service Dog for someone who needs a dog but can’t afford it, please contact us to start the conversation.